Ceremony Outline - What Can I Expect for my Wedding Day?

September 11, 2021

I’m often asked what should our ceremony be like? Simple answer…however you want it. There are no absolutes anymore. It’s about you.

So here is a simple outline with optional bits, things that are usually included and a couple of mandatory requirements for your marriage.

A wedding usually starts off with the processional. This is where the bridesmaids and bride or attendants enter the ceremony site accompanied by music to set the scene with whoever the bride/groom wishes to arrive with (optional).

Next up is “The giving”. Traditionally, the celebrant asks who gives this bride/person? However, today this question may be skipped or asked differently. Many couples now pay for their own weddings or it may be their second or third making this part (optional).

Now for the introduction – The celebrant welcomes everybody and outlines the significance of the place and time. This is also a perfect time to acknowledge those who are not present if it’s appropriate (usual).

Some like to open with a reading (optional). This can be a poem or saying from a favourite book. A family friend could read this.

Next are the “Words of Marriage”. This is when the celebrant outlines what marriage means to the couple along with the couples’ story.

The Affirmation – This is when the couple asks for support for their relationship. This could be from parents or all of the guests. This could take place following the introduction (optional).

The Vows – these are the couples’ personal promises to one another.

The Declaration of Intent – this is the legal requirement of the marriage ceremony and therefore is mandatory.

Next is the exchange of rings (usual), the declaration of the marriage (usual), before it’s all wrapped up with a kiss (optional).

The signing of the register must then take place as this is a legal requirement (mandatory) and it’s lovely to complete this with music playing in the background for ambience (optional).

Finally it’s time to wrap up with the introduction of the newly-weds as a married couple along with music to exit if you wish.  

And now it’s time for the wedding reception!

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